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Bodies By "T" brings health, fitness and overall wellness to every body.

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The passion for massage, human anatomy and personal training came when Terica was in the seventh grade.  Instead of immediately going to massage school after high school she decided to follow another passion: physical fitness and sports.  Although never having played sports, Terica found the human anatomy and the way it functioned and moved immensely intriguing.  After graduating from Georgia Southern University in 2005 with a BS degree in Exercise Science/ Kinesiology, Terica immediately went on to massage therapy school attending Atlanta School of Massage where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Spa Therapies, Chair and NMT massage. Her passion continued to grow as she was able to work in the health and medical fields using her expertise in both exercise science and massage therapy. She continued her education to become an NASM certified personal trainer to enhance her skills and is now a Pain-free Performance Specialist.  She feels fortunate to have been able to use her educations and assist clients to better health since 2006.  


Terica holds her license in the state of Georgia and practices several different modalities.  She was able to share her knowledge as a clinical supervisor and assistant teacher at the school where it all began and where she gained her training, Atlanta School of Massage. 

Bodies By "T" has always been an important goal and Terica is proud that it has finally come to fruition and she's able to walk with her clients on their Journey to Healing. 

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Services & Pricing
(All Cancellations require 24hr notice or half of service will be charged)

Payments can be made directly to me through

Zelle (, Venmo (@BodiesByT), PayPal (@bbtmassage; friends & family only) or Cash

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue

Sports Massage (sport specific)

Thai Massage (Stretching)

Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point Therapy)



Spa Parties

Sarga Bodywork

(ashiatsu (a massage with my feet)

Functional Orthopedic Bodywork

Sarga Rx

Technical, client active therapy that applies barefoot bodywork techniques paired with integrative & corrective movement drills to facilitate lasting change.

Cupping for Orthopedic & Neuromuscular Injury

Manual therapy using silicone suction cups to treat disorders of the neuromuscular system. 

Spa Party pricing available upon request

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Swe-Thai massage combines ancient eastern (Thailand) massage with western swedish massage.  This specialty uses swedish strokes as well as Thai stretching and pressure point therapy to relieve aches, pains, relax the body and stretch and strengthen weak muscles.  It is fully experienced in a 90 min or preferably 2hr session.

Swe-Thai: 90 min. $150/ 2hr $175

Swedish & Deep Tissue

 1 hr $100/ 90 min. $130/ 2hr $175

30 min Specific Area: $55

Thai Massage 

(floor or table):  1hr - $95 / 90 min - $125

Stretch Session: 

30 min - $50/ 45 min - $65 / 1hr - $80

Reflexology Session

45 min - hr: $75

Sarga Bodywork:

 90 min - $150 / 2hr - $175


 90 min - $150 / 2hr - $175

Functional Orthopedic Bodywork

Sarga Rx:

1hr - $125 / 90 min - $170/ 2hr - $210


1hr - $125 / 90 min - $170/ 2hr - $210


Pkg of 4

Swedish & Deep Tissue

1hr $380/ 90 min. $500/ 2hr $680

Pkg of 6

Swedish & Deep Tissue

1hr $540/ 90 min. $720/ 2hr $990

Pkg of 10

Swedish & Deep Tissue

1hr $850/  90 min $1150/ 2hr $1600

All packages must be used within 4, 6, or 10 months according to the package purchased. 

Add Ons: 

Pre massage Stretch


Get stretched out before a relaxing massage. This is a 30 min full body stretch while fully clothed before disrobing for the remainder of your massage.  This requires a 90 min or 2 hr session.  This is different from stretching during your massage.  


Cupping  Integrated with Other Services


Sarga Bodywork:

Sarga is a bodywork where the client is massaged with the feet.  The therapist is stabilized on the table with the use of a Sarga strap that is fixed to the table with state of the art hardware.  It uses deep, slow pressure to alleviate stress, pain and tension from the muscles.  

Sarga Bodywork: 90 min. $150 / 2hr $175


This massage is done solely on the feet.  It is believed that patterns of the feet and hands mimic the entire body and certain pressure points are used to help relieve tension or pain in certain areas.  It has also been known to alert individuals of minor and major health issues.

Reflexology Session 45min - hr: $75

Covid-19 Protocol

 For your safety and mine I will follow these protocols: 

  • Masks will be worn throughout the session by both myself and the client and all those whom I will be in close proximity with. (even vaccinated clients.)

  • Massage Table is wiped down before and after the session.

  • To reduce cross contamination, clients are asked to provide twin sized sheets with pillow case and blanket.  If you do not have them I will provide a set. (please do not buy any).

  • If you are feeling ill at any time before your session, please contact me immediately, no matter how close to session time.  

I thank you for your continued support and adherence to these protocols.  


Personal Training Sessions



Includes two sessions per week

1 month:    $360/ 8 sessions

2 months:  $720/ 16 sessions

3 months:  $1080/ 24 sessions


Includes three sessions per week

1 month:   $480/ 12 sessions

2 months: $960/ 24 sessions

3 months: $1440/ 36 sessions


Includes four sessions per week

1 month:    $560/ 16 Sessions

2 months: $1120/ 32 Sessions

3 months: $1680/ 48 Sessions


Includes five sessions per week

1 month:   $700/ 20 sessions

2 months: $1400/ 40 sessions

3 months: $2100/ 60 sessions

All individual sessions are $55  

In Person & Via Zoom

Home Gym located in Decatur, Ga. 

Group Sessions:

4 People, 4 Sessions:

$40 each person, each session


8 People, 4 Sessions

$35 each person, each session


10 People, 4 Sessions

$30 each person, each session


Work-out plans: Written plans for solo performance

$200.00 (3 week plan with daily or weekly Instructional video)


Work-out machine proper use session or Initial Home Plan session

$40.00 (one time session to learn how to properly perform exercises or use equipment)

Massage Table Stretch Sessions

30 min - $40

45 min - $55

60 min - $70


I've had the pleasure of working with Terica many times, both after weeks of long distance backpacking as well as after a stressful work week behind a desk, and I can't possibly recommend her more. She's extremely knowledgeable of body and muscles and is able to pinpoint problem areas and loosen them up immediately. She always provides tips for continued education and work on problem areas once she's done, and is extremely kind and professional. I had seen massage therapists many times but only had the desire to go on occasion, but ever since working with T, I can't help but make it a part of my regular healing and relaxation routine. Thanks for everything, you're the best!
~Danielle Ratliff

Terica has been my massage therapist for eight years. Since I tend to carry stress in my shoulders and upper back and sit at a computer most of the day, Terica has been critical in relieving the muscle tension through massage. She's used her expertise to identify what type of massage I need at any particular time. She's done Deep Tissue, Thai, and Stretching with me. She's even recommend stretches and exercises for me to do when I feel pain in particular muscles.  I highly recommend her for relaxation massage as well as regular muscle maitnenance . She truly is one of my trusted practioners as I strive for optimal health.

~Tamara Stewart

I am so thankful for crossing Terica along my path! I am a teacher who carries stress in my body. I tend to be tense everywhere- especially in my legs, neck, and shoulders. I appreciate Terica because she concentrates on loosening the knots I have in my body. Her massages are different from all the other massage therapists because she specializes in correcting strained areas of the muscles. Terica is very knowledgeable in her profession. After each session, she takes the time to educate me on what is going on with my muscles, and she has often given suggestions on what I should do in between massages sessions. Recently, I have injured my body from a nasty fall. Terica designed special massage sessions to relieve the pain and kinks I had from that fall. Amazingly, my body responded well, and I am not in pain anymore. I highly recommend Bodies by "T" to anyone who has tense muscle pain. I am confident that Terica would massage and soothe the pain away.

~Andrea Williams


Get In Touch

Phn: 770.940.9133


Hours of Availability

T,W,R,F: 9a-7:30p

S: 9-10 & 6-7:30

By appointment only

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